A cultural journey for self-expression, knowledge, and pride.

HIPHOP 101 reimagines the power of a school music residency with a format and curriculum that favors the intrinsic creativity and musicianship of Black and Latinx learners. Along with language, food, art, geography, rituals, and customs, music is a pillar of cultural identity. Our programming is inspired by the practices and musical vocabulary of Hiphop, Jazz, and R&B, the most popular genres of the African Diaspora. Our sessions are taught by professional musicians from Philadelphia who make their living performing these genres every day!

Microphone Methods: So many kids in Philadelphia “got bars”- we may not find out unless a strong, supportive role model empowers them to raise their voices! Coach Zaire inspires confidence in young performers and engages them with a variety of activities: Word banks, vocabulary enrichment, cyphers, and weekly themes like current events, social commentary, and positive identity.

Melodies of the Keys: Kids LOVE piano, and that’s a great choice – it’s the most versatile instrument on the planet! Our coaches break down the class’ favorite tunes, teaching students to transcribe and perform each instrument of a band, and play different parts at the same time to “cover” songs on the spot! Access to proper equipment allows our coaches to teach production – aka “beat making” – as well.

Mad Beatz for Drumline: Rhythmic conversation and communal drumming are integral to cultures of the African Diaspora. “Mad Beatz for Drumline”, our latest publication, teaches a beat each week to train total beginners in percussion technique, listening skills, vocabulary, and freestyle. Our brand new Mad Beatz Methods YouTube channel provides support for practicing weekly lessons at home.


"The Mann Center's Education and Community Engagement department worked in collaboration with Mad Beatz Philly twice over the 2019 summer season. It was an absolute pleasure working with the talented and engaging artists that make up Mad Beatz Philly. Combining educational elements with highly skilled performance was a win for our school audiences. We look forward to working with Mad Beatz again in the near future!"
Naomi Gonzalez
Director of Education and Community Engagement, The Mann Center for the Performing Arts
"Mad Beatz Philly has a knack for finding and nurturing young, talented musicians, giving them a platform to showcase their virtuosity through improvisational performance. I have no doubt that in the near future, top producers, session musicians, and artists will reflect in their liner notes about being products of Mad Beatz Philly."
Craig Dash
Premier DJ, Philadelphia



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